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Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners

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Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners product introduction:

The Eclipse ImmersoJet (IJ) is a nozzle-mix, tube-firing burner that is designed to fire at high velocities through a small diameter immersion tube in immersion heating tanks. The combustion gases from the burner scrub the inner tube surfaces to produce the highest heat transfer rate of any immersion burner available. It provides faster heat-up times than any other immersion burner. The standard burner includes a packaged blower, actuator control motor, integral butterfly valve, ratio regulator, burner body, combustion chamber, nozzle rear cover, spark and flame rods.

Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners

Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners product features:


1. Provide higher combustion capacity and efficiency in industrial applications

2. There are no special requirements for the pipeline, which saves valuable space in the tank

3. Equipped with reliable low-pressure or high-pressure fans to facilitate installation

4. Quickly transfer heat to the immersion tube, which can reduce the surface temperature of the burner

5. Compared with other immersion burners, the heating time is shorter

6. The furnace is outside the tank, which takes up less space and provides a more even heat distribution

7. Nozzle design ensures quiet operation

8. Reduce operating costs, reduce fuel costs, or increase production

9. Minimize the size of the tank, reduce material and manufacturing costs, and save floor space

10. Benefit from the availability of multiple fuels, standard burners can be configured to use natural gas, propane or butane as fuel

Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners performance:

Produces the industry’s highest heat capacities and efficiencies.

Tube requirements save valuable space inside the tank.

Comes mounted with a reliable low or high pressure blower for ease of installation.

Quickly transfers heat to the immersion tube, resulting in lower burner surface temperature.

Provides faster heat-up times than any other immersion burner.

Combustion chamber is outside the tank, taking up less space and providing more uniform heat.

Unique nozzle design ensures quiet operation.

Eclipse ImmersoJet Burners technical parameters:

Current Version: 2.6
Type: Nozzle Mixing
Number of Sizes: 5 (2", 3", 4", 6", 8")
Capacity Range:   190,000 to 8,000,000 (Btu/hr)
56 to 2344 (kW)
Turndown: 7:1 minimum
Max. Process Temperature: 200 - 400°F, 93 - 204°C
Fuels: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane
Typical Applications: Wash and rinse tanks
Dip Tanks
Pickling Tanks
Spray Washers
Deep Fryers
Salt Baths
Quench Tanks
Key Attributes: Up to 80% efficiency.Allows the use of smaller, lower cost tubes.



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