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Eclipse AH-MA Burners

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Eclipse AH-MA Burners performance:

Eclipse AH-MA burners are ideal for heating fresh air in make-up and process air heating applications.Featuring a dependable modular design,low NOx AH-MA burners operate over a wide range of velocities,inputs and fuels.These burners are line type burners constructed of cast iron or aluminum burner bodies and diverging stainless steel air wings.In process the burner bodies supply fuel to the center of the air wings,controlling air and fuel mixtures inside the burners,optimizing emissions and efficiency.This produces a uniform,odorless,and smokeless flame.In addition,corrosion resistant design options are available using aluminum burner bodies or nickel-plated cast iron burner bodies.

Eclipse AH-MA Burners

Features of Eclipse AH-MA Burners:

Assembled from straight sections,tees and crosses to produce nearly any configuration required.

Large burners can be built as a combination of staged,individually controlled sections to increase turndown.

Inputs up to 1,200,000 Btu/hr/LF

Up to 30:1 turndown

Up to 450°F upstream air temperature.

Up to 850°F downstream air temperature.

Multi-fuel capability(natural gas,propane and butane)

Specifications of Eclipse AH-MA Burners:

Current Version: 2.2
Type: Nozzle Mixing
Number of Sizes: Modular
Capacity Range:   1,200,000 Btu/hr/LF
1150 kW/m
Turndown: 30:01:00
Max. Upstream Air Temperature: 450°F, 232°C
Max. Downstream Air Temperature: 850°F, 454°C
Fuels: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane
Typical Applications: Make-up air heating
Drying Processes
Key Attributes: Robust, Reliable performance. Compact Modular design.



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